Ecovision Homes is a prominent, eco-friendly, East Fremantle-based construction firm committed to crafting cost-effective, tailor-made residences in Perth. Their core mission is to help their clients attain their ideal home, minimize their ecological footprint in our evolving environment, and enjoy year-round comfort.

This is the second version of their website which we re-vamped this year using the very efficient and user-friendly Pixel Together 'no-code' hosting solution and content management system.

There was a lot of technical and educational information regarding low carbon footprint architecture that needed to be conveyed clearly while holding the interest and attention of the website visitor. This was acheived by careful copy writing, well designed menu structure and some use of animated graphics.

We sought to ensure that the website remains a dynamic and effective tool for showcasing the company's residential homes and connecting with potential buyers. It's designed to be the digital foundation upon which this builder can construct lasting relationships with their clients and demonstrate their commitment to quality and excellence in every project.

You can view the result here.

Website development

Ecovision Homes