This can be because:

  • You've lost contact with the web developer who set up your website and used to maintain it.
  • You've lost the login credentials required to manage your website pages via a content management system (CMS).
  • The personnel responsible for maintaining your website have left the company.
  • You no longer have the login credentials required to manage your domain registration and DNS.
  • The company hosting your website is no longer in business and you can no longer access your website and do updates.

The web world is constantly changin
g and you may end up with a website you can no longer maintain.  We have been providing web services since 1998 and have come across most challenges in the web world over this time. We can help you get your website/domain back and within your control.

Do you have a website that was created a while ago, needs some updates, and you can't locate the person who created it? Do you know who your domain provider is?

Website Rescue

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If you need help with any of these issues, we can provide a solution. 

We can replicate your current website from anywhere and host it on the platform that best suits your needs.

Please note that online shops, web forms, databases, mailing lists and other functionality will need to be rebuilt by us when we replicate your website. Replicating your webpages, images and other front-end aspects of your site is a quick process, and we can get your website pages up again quickly to maintain your web presence, while we work on the back end functionality.

By replicating your website on a state of the art online Content Management System (CMS) we can provide you with the functionality you need. You may be pleasantly surprised at how little this can cost.

Website content rescue

Your website, including pages, webforms, databases etc (which is like your house) will usually be hosted elsewhere. People often lose control of their websites when the company hosting their actual website pages disappears. See the section above for details on how we can rescue your website.

If you need help in getting control of your domain listing contact us.

We can track down your domain credentials. If you do not have access to your domain name itself then we can track down where it is registered and get hold of the login details to manage your domain again.

Please note that a website domain (which is like an address listing) will be registered with an accredited domain provider. Prominent domain providers in Australia are Webcity, Crazy Domains, Melbourne IT and Netregistry.

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If you wish we can also take your existing website design and render it device-responsive (mobile friendly), making is more accessible and easy to navigate on non-desktop/devices, such as smart phones and tablets, as well as greatly improving it's search engine rankings.

Contact us now if you need us to rescue your website!

If needed, we can also re-acquire the login credentials to your existing website on your behalf and make the necessary content updates.