This is the second edition/update of a project we've been proud to be involved with since 2008. This document outlines the ways in which the Wunambal Gaambera people of North East Kinberly are taking back control of their traditional lands, to allow them as traditional owners to live on and take care of Country in the way their ancestors have for tens of thousands of years.

The vision embodied in this Plan includes:

  • their people will secure sustainable livelihoods on and from their country
  • they will be looking after their country in the way of their Wanjina Wunggurr Law
  • they will be living on and making business from their country
  • they will be protecting and sharing their cultural places as their traditional Law says
  • they will be using our traditional knowledge and Western science to care for our country so that no plants and animals are lost
  • they will be respected as the proper owners and managers of Wunambal Gaambera Country
  • they will have ranger stations on country to help them look after country
  • they, and their future generations, will have the cultural knowledge of their elders
  • their country will be giving them and their future generations a healthy life

Wunambal Gaambera Healthy Country Plan