Branding & website development

This customer required a logo which conveyed at a glance what his business was about. We hit on the combination of leaf shape, solar PV grid and battery icon, working against a retro font for the typography, to suggest the best of both cutting edge technology and traditional service values.

A website was also needed, to showcase what they have to offer in off-grid, augmented grid and portable power, based on solar PV technology.

We were faced with providing the website visitor with a fairly large amount of descriptive and technical information, case histories, supplier information and resources.

To make it easy to locate information of interest we used a row of call panels on the homepage with pop-up sections with content summary, linked to relevant pages in the website.

We enjoyed working on this project as it aligns with our interest in and support of zero carbon emissions renewable energy solutions.

You can view the result here.

The Natural Grid